• 3rd May
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Grilled Salmon with Mango & Healthy Living Report

Grilled salmon on a bed of mixed lettuce with chunks of fresh mango; local corn cut from the cob; fresh organic strawberries

My youngest child is packing this salmon lunch today.  My slightly older daughter is taking grilled chicken breast instead, and substituting watermelon for mango and raw baby carrots for the corn.

I am so proud of the Little Ladies and my youngest stepson.  Together we completed 40 of the 42 mile 5 Boro Bike Tour on Sunday, even after experiencing significant delays involving a flat tire, construction that stranded thousands of riders on the BQE for over 2 hours and an accident that occurred when a woman crashed into my husband’s bike which also carried our youngest on a half bike.  Not bad for kids ages 6, 8 and 11!

Next up:  The Tour de Brooklyn this summer!

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